In 1999 a group of medical practitioners and business administrators, with their considerable experience in the medical billing field and hospital administration, decided to apply their extensive knowledge to launch a company whose ideals and principles mirrored their own expectations. They developed a company that would become an extension to their clients office, a company that would empower their clients to concentrate their staff and resources on the most important aspect of their practice-quality patient care.





Our Ideals:

  • Highly qualified and trained staff who keep current with the ever changing regulations regarding healthcare billing.

  • Fast, accurate detail orientated submission of claims-either electronically or on paper.

  • Meticulous pursuit of outstanding balances.

  • Detailed reporting and analysis.

  • A dependable, knowledgeable and confidential billing service with a professional reputation to match their clients.

  • Accessibility- a friendly "voice" at the end of the phone instead of an option.

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